Headcrack.com & Paranorm.com – Dead & Alive


“After we drank a fifth of hen, Destroy bet me $100 he could drink another by himself in 6 minutes. He almost made it, finished the bottle, and then we went to a party for more” —Paranorm

Headcrack.com and Paranorm.com had a good run. From 2002 to 2008 we displayed 2,533,435 pages while 483,032 satisfied customers viewed the forums. During this time period, OMNIGOD picked up group members, lost group members. received death threats, went to jail, got out of jail, went to court, went to rehab, had a high speed police chase, worked corporate jobs, gave away 100+ gigs in free mp3s, supported real underground shit like Dj Ready Cee & Dj Mixx, and posted some pretty funny pics. Yeah, the buddy icons and talkbox article (which has been salvaged because I still love the talkbox) brought in a decent amount of traffic, but the stats show that once the people came, they stuck around. Thanks to everyone who supported the sites (especially Small J). The legacy will be carried on here at spithate.com.