Sly Stone says he wants to make a comeback


Check out this article by Los Angeles Times Staff Writer By Geoff Boucher. It’s a good read:

It’s hard to pin down the facts with Stone, and it wasn’t made easier by the fact that he did a chunk of this interview with his hands on a keyboard and speaking into a vocoder synthesizer that turned his words into trippy music — it was like carrying on a conversation with Disneyland’s Main Street Electrical Parade. “Can you understand me? Can . . . you . . . understand me? That’s goooooood.”

“Everybody I saw was full of peace, it was a spirit there that was just peaceful and cool,” Stone said. “The thing I really remember is I went to whatever was the main street there and I got a bologna sandwich. And it was so hot. And I never open a sandwich to look what’s going on, but somehow I thought that time that I would do that. Because it was hot and I didn’t think bologna sandwiches were hot. And I opened it and there were people running across the meat. And, I thought, whoa.”

“If there is anyone I have influenced who wants me to help them record, I’m willing to do it. I want to go in the studio yesterday and get started. The reason I say that I want to hear from people is that I was influenced to stay underground for so long. I had advice that there was some kind of rewarding effect to it. Now I want to be over ground. I want to be above ground. I don’t want to be in the ground.

According to my sources (damn! I just said that shit like a real journalist), Sly is supposed to be on the stage for the entire HOB Sunset show this weekend. After travelling to HOB Anaheim last year for a glimpse of Sly, I really wish I could be in the house for this show but my schedule will not permit it. I will be all over the reviews the next day.

Tear it up Sly, tear it up.