Monthly Archives: June 2008

Lakers blow massive lead in game 4 of the finals


Hey visitor bench ball boy in warm ups and a headband…you’re never going to get in the game. Isn’t there an age limit on being a ball boy?

I was there at the Staples Center when the lakers blew the massive lead in game 4 of the finals. Section PR9, Row 7, Seat 12. I’ve been to a game in each playoff series this year and was present when the Lakers jerked off a 24 point lead and lost to the Celtics. What the flying fuck? I really think it’s time to put the ball boy in. Don’t you? You know the one I’m talking about if you’ve been to Lakers games…he’s the guy folding towels and stank breakaways at the foot of the visitor bench. He’s there at every game. He wears a sweat suit and a headband. He’s ready to go in the game….just waiting for Phil to call his nonexistent number and then it’s on. Phil, next time the squad blows a huge lead in a must win game in the NBA finals…put the grown man ball boy in. He can’t play any worse than the Lakers did last night, can he?

P.S. Everlast was sitting in my section. That’s two Everlast sightings in the last month or so. While I’m name dropping…I was eating lunch at the Katsuya at Hollywood & Vine on Wednesday and there was a walk of fame star dedication going on outside for Susan Saint James. I arrived early before my lunch meeting and ended up standing around next to Jamie Lee Curtis and Al Michaels. Al Michaels!!! I love Al but I wish this was a report of a Madden sighting. Maria Shriver Skeletor was there too.

No Justice, No Peace


Paranorm’s offiicial court sketch. Includes a blind jury, too black too strong plaintiff team, a fair and partial judge, and a lying ass defense team

My friend was brutally assaulted by the LAPD in 2005. The police department initially tried to hang him on crazy made up criminal charges…until the videotape of the incident surfaced. Immediately, all charges were dropped. The tables were turned and the LAPD police brutality that runs wild in the street was then put on trial in federal civil court. I’ve seen the tapes and I attended the trial. The eight jurors in the trial returned a verdict in favor of the LAPD. Stevie Wonder could see that something is wrong with the verdict in this case. Justice was not served.