Stevie & Bobby, Rock & Rap, and The Money Cup


Not too many updates.  I won’t keep you long…I promise.

The 4th of July was good.  A BBQ / Pool Party went down for around 30 friends and fun was had.  An entire keg of Newcastle got sucked down with the quickness.  The only downside of this past 4th of July is that I was in LA…if I would’ve been in Indiana I could have checked out Bobby Blue Bland in Benton Harbor the next day.  Bobby is on my list of must see musicians, and with his limited tour schedule, I may have to fly out sooner than later to catch him doing his thing.

I went to see Stevie Wonder at the Hollywood Bowl last week.  He played “People Make The World Go Around” using a talkbox.  Sick.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: If you’ve never seen Stevie, you need to figure out a way to see the man.  His voice is still incredible and he is always on.  The caliber of celebrity at a Stevie show is very consistent as well…everyone from the Greek Theatre show seemed to be in the house for this show with the exception of Mike Tyson.  Where you at champ?

I wrecked my knee two weeks ago and the scab is still there.  I’ve had a ton of skateboard injuries over the years (broken collarbone, shattered elbow, jacked ankles and wrists, hurt back, and more), but this janky little scabbing on my entire left knee is starting to piss me off.  Do I not have the same amount of white blood cells that I had as a kid?  Over the past few weeks, I skated Culver City a few times, the new version of the Venice church ramp (a really cool thing for the church to provide), Randy Randall ramp, and Glendale.  My feet are everywhere and my tricks don’t exist.  Skating to not fall takes away some of the fun.  When I get some health insurance rolling again soon, I’m going for all my old shit.

I’ve been cutting some rock demos lately.  Rock + Rap in attempts to not be the stereotypical rock rap.  You can be the judge of whether I’m succeeding or not.  I’m working on getting my back catalog up in it’s entirety….so you can actually be the judge of all the shit put down over the years as well.  Oh, and I have a remix brewing for a pretty well known band.  Gotta be in it to win it.

Today I checked out the Maloof Money Cup at the Orange County Fair.  The vert ramp was crazy and the street course was poured concrete.  They poured a real street area for a 3 day contest?  Wtf?  $$$.  I watched heat 1 and 2 of the Pro Vert prelims.  Sean White was killing fools…PLG was sick.  Lincoln Ueda goes higher than everyone else.  I didn’t get to see much of the street skating aside from practice, but they were killing it.  Said what up to the homey Kenny Hughes, ate a beef brisket dinner, and shook the spot.