FedEx Sucks


Date/Time Activity Location Details
Jul 15, 2008 5:54 PM Delivered
5:30 PM On FedEx vehicle for delivery LOS ANGELES, CA
4:54 PM At local FedEx facility LOS ANGELES, CA
8:33 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery LOS ANGELES, CA
Jul 14, 2008 5:35 PM At local FedEx facility LOS ANGELES, CA
10:34 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery LOS ANGELES, CA
Jul 11, 2008 6:24 PM At local FedEx facility LOS ANGELES, CA
2:46 PM Delivery exception LOS ANGELES, CA Customer not available or business closed
8:01 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery LOS ANGELES, CA
6:59 AM At local FedEx facility LOS ANGELES, CA
5:58 AM At dest sort facility LOS ANGELES, CA
4:43 AM Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
2:33 AM In transit MEMPHIS, TN
1:24 AM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
Jul 10, 2008 11:58 PM Departed FedEx location NEWARK, NJ
11:58 PM Left FedEx origin facility NEW YORK, NY
9:02 PM Arrived at FedEx location NEWARK, NJ
7:59 PM Left FedEx origin facility NEW YORK, NY
2:47 PM Picked up NEW YORK, NY

My story:

Without my knowledge of the shipping date, I was shipped a very important package via FedEx on Thursday, July 10th. I missed the delivery of the package on Friday, July 11th as I was out and didn’t know it was on the way. I usually try to be on the scene when something is being sent as things have been known to get stolen off the stoop. The delivery guy left a door ticket with a tag # for tracking. It says “1st Attempt” and we will try again on Monday. Why isn’t this big ass company working on Saturday anyway?

Monday rolls around and I make sure I’m around the house all day as I know what the package is and it is very important package related to my business and ultimately my money. I wait around all day and the delivery guy never shows up so I call the customer service center to find out what’s going on. They apologize profusely, say they have no idea what happened, put me on hold to supposedly call the local manager, and then return to say that the local manager absolutely cannot have the package delivered Monday night. The customer service woman gives me the option of trooping downtown to pick it up from the delivery center. Fuck all that. Why should I waste my gas and sit in LA traffic because these fucks can’t bring me something when they say they’re going to bring it. I cut the duckhead some slack (and she was def a dumb clucker) and ask her what time it will be delivered in the morning. I get repeated “3 pm Sir”. That package should’ve been the first thing delivered on Tuesday morning as for some reason unknown to them it wasn’t delivered on Monday. I accept 3 pm as the only other choice was to go downtown.

3 pm rolls around on Tuesday. No package. 4 pm….No package. Around 4:30, I give the customer service center a call on the 800 number. This time I get a customer service man. I explain the problem, he looks it up and says, “Uh oh…looks like the same problem that happened yesterday happened today….it was placed on the wrong truck”. How can you put shit on the wrong truck with all this space age tracking you’re supposed to be using? How the fuck can you put the shit on any truck 2 days in a row and bring it back to the station without a delivery attempt…especially when it has the correct addy on the shipping label? He goes on, “Sir, I have placed a notice to have this package put on the correct truck and delivered to you tomorrow at 3 pm. Nah son, fuck that shit and fuck your notice. I guarantee that you might catch me once with that bullshit but not a second time. The guy wasn’t argumentative, but he was matter of fact about telling me over and over, “There is no way your package will be delivered tonight. It just isn’t possible. I’m sorry for the inconvenience”. I was on some, “look guy, I’m not going to stop until my package is delivered tonight so what is your escalation procedure”. “There really is none sir, can you please hold?” How can there not be an escalation process for a big ass corporation? I’m waiting for him to get back so I can yell “put your supervisor on the line, write somebody up, fire a trick…I don’t give a fuck…I just want my package.” He comes back and offers to transfer me to the local manager in LA as my only option. I took that option as an escalation…better than dealing with his dumb ass all night. I can always call back and blast customer service if I have to. I’ve got a big ass bottle of Makers Mark and unlimited minutes bitches.

Ten minutes later I get transferred to the local FedEx manager in LA. I believe her name was Shareen. I was ready to go to war at this point, but she got on the line and handled business immediately and professionally. After recognizing that package should’ve been there on Monday and offering a sincere apology, she assigned a courier to have the package in my hands in the next hour and half. The package arrives without incident. About time. Big ups to Shareen the night manager!

Btw, the package clearly has the box checked on it for “No Signature Required” so this thing should’ve been left on the stoop in the first place. The data cds inside of the package all had their cases cracked and the plastic center that holds the cd was broken into bits. Fuck FedEx. I hope your fleet crashes and burns.

Moral of the story: FedEx is a bitch ass service and 2 out of the 3 people I spoke to were complete morons. You may be better off sending your shit via carrier pigeon.

“Do you know, after all that, all I received was a pat on the back.” —-UTFO – Roxanne, Roxanne