Sally….OCTOMOM Got a One Track Mind!


Which one of you Disorderlies is gonna bust Octomom?

So I’m sitting here listening to Diamond D….”Sally Got a One Track Mind” to be specific. The news is on in the background and the reporters are hounding Octomom. Boom! Octomom Got a One Track Mind!!!! It’s very fitting as she really does have a one track mind when it comes to spitting out kids, right? The common questions being asked in the media are: Is she going to depend on the state to help take care all those damn kids? Is she going to do that video for Vivid? Is she going to get smoked by the religious knuckleheads sending her death threats? Where did she get the money to cop that house? Is she mentally stable? These are all valid questions…but they’re also irrelevant to a certain segment of the population. Check.

The real questions that need to be asked…which East LA dude is gonna be the next to hit? Like, Octomom is a broke man’s Angelina Jolie for sure…and if you think fourteen kids can scare off a dude on a creep mission…pft..yeah right. My uncle John has twenty something kids…you think he was scared off by fourteen kids? So, which one of you slimey ass, Johnny Whore ass, Who’s the Mack ass rappers is gonna creep on Octomom? I’m guessing it’s going to be some down on his luck ass home care worker who is over there changing diapers when the he sees Octo swoop down the stairs in a donated gown. You know the deal. It’s gonna be a Kool Rock-ski looking dude who ends up bustin Octo (no disrespect to Kool Rock-ski as he is one of my fave rappers of all time…he is just an example of a Disorderlie).   And while I’m on the subject of orderlies, and Disorderlies,…my boy Kevin hasn’t worked at the hospital or in health care for at least 10 years….AND HE IS STILL WEARING SCRUBS. WTF. Are they that comfortable? How you just going to be running around town rocking scrubs like you work at the hospital and you don’t’ even have a job most of the time? How you going to wear Scrubs up to regional clothing distribution plant where you work at? Crazy.

Peace to Diamond D for real….A true sample master: