Adrian Champion Presents: Stars & Stripes – The White Stripes Reimagined

Stars & Stripes

Hip Hop Meets The White Stripes

About The Project:

I was late jumping on The White Stripes bandwagon. But, when I heard “Doorbell” a few years back I became an instant fan. That raw, classic sound was so fresh to me. I went straight to iTunes and downloaded the whole album. It wasn’t long before I owned everything they’d ever released.

What really got me was that I wanted to sample almost every song. But, I couldn’t just shamelessly sample their whole catalog. Plus, I had just decided to move away from sampling and focus on writing original music. So, a remix project seemed like the thing to do, and the idea was born.

I started digging through my collection and fitting all the pieces together. My goal was to use only samples from The White Stripes and a cappellas from classic songs and my favorite emcees. And of course, I had to rap on one of the tracks myself, with my man Brian Jacobs on the hook.

So there it is, hip-hop fans, meet The White Stripes.
Fans of The White Stripes, meet hip-hop.

— Adrian Champion


About The Artist:


Adrian Champion grew up in the Flint area of Michigan, where a blue-collar upbringing shaped his perspective on life and later, his music. By the age of 13, he was hooked on hip hop, unwittingly learning to write rhymes by transcribing the lyrics of groups like Public Enemy. But it wasn’t until moving to California shortly after high school that he would find an outlet for his own creativity. It was there that he’d meet other aspiring artists and record for the first time. Although this early work was rough, it was clear he had something. That something evolved from just rapping and making beats, to writing and producing, composing, playing guitar, and even singing. Refusing to become complacent or stay in a particular box, Adrian is constantly adding to his repertoire and exploring new creative directions, from his own self-produced solo project to his writing and production for artist Brian Jacobs and others.