Monthly Archives: August 2010

The MOMO Show – The Best & Worst Show Ever

Grab a 40oz, roll up a L, and come join Dj Ready Cee, DJ MIXX, Sexcee Goddess, and myself (Paranorm) for The MOMO Show on Monday nights @ 7PM EST.  It’s the most fun you’ll probably ever have in your life.  It’s the Black Gong Show.  It’s pretty much the worst rap show of all time.  And more…

Monday Nights @ 7PM EST.  LIVE from the BRONX!

We’re almost back up and running. Killer

The site upgrades are underway and if you take a look around…you’ll notice that things are changing around here.  The new Spit Hate network of blogs is expanding, getting better, getting more janky, and has been consuming way too much of my time.  Things wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have to completely reinstall WordPress and then figure out all the multiple site crap….lucky for me, along with knowing my way around a sampler, I also know my way around PHP & MySQL.

Shouts out to Killer California…I’ll be back soon as NYC living has me starved for real tacos. Btw, nice whip Flip.