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The MOMO Show – – Tonight @ 8PM EST with Johnny Wallstreet and a Chilean donkey

The MOMO Show – An independent hip hop video show with Dj Ready Cee, Johnny Wallstreet, Black, and the Sexcee Goddess. The most outrageously garbage show ever on the internet.  We have managed to create the best hip hop show of all time and the worst hip hop show of all time…all in one. It must be seen to be believed.  With segments like “Johhny’s Corner”, “Halftime”, and the “The 7th Inning Stretch”, you’ll be booing your computer screen in record time.  Come find out what “The MOMO Show Car Wash” is and cheer on the book, beard, bird, bowl, and Bob!

The MOMO Show – – Tonight @ 8PM EST – LIVE from The BX, NYC

Episode Summary: When Willona goes out of town, she leaves Penny in Florida’s care. Shortly after, Penny comes down with a virus and Florida takes her down to the free clinic to be examined. Florida quickly comes face to face with the hard-nosed doctor who’s out of touch with the people in the ghetto and who’s also planning to leave, right in the middle of what seems to be an epidemic.

KnowledgeBorn07 – Passin’ The Rizla (ftg Tash from Tha Liks)

I try to look out for my city from time to time.  This post is for a cat from SBI who has been doing his roots, rock, rap, reggae thing for a long time.  What do you think?

KnowledgeBorn07 – Passin’ The Rizla (ftg Tash from Tha Liks) – Download Here

or you can check for him here:

The MOMO Show – – Tonight @ 8PM EST – LIVE from NYC

The MOMO Show – LIVE from New York City with Dj Ready Cee, Johnny Wallstreet, Black, and Sexcee Goddess – 8PM EST – “The best and worst show of all time”

Episode Summary: Insufficient evidence allows a man to be released from jail and resume his efforts to hurt a nightclub dancer.  Baretta investigating a stolen vehicle report believes that two brothers are responsible. When another vehicle is stolen, this one filled with M-16’s the boys have more to worry about than just Baretta.

The Dictator and The P

I’m not going to say which one, but I lived across the hall from one of The Dictators for like five years.  He was pretty much a dick, but an almost likable character.  I mean, he never liked me and I never liked him…and I knew he was weird as fuck, but we got along like neighbors should and we would nod and say hello here and there.  He even helped me pick up my plasma tv and move it onto a table once when I  had a broken arm.

Anyway, I just saw something and it reminded me of him…so now the internet can reap the rewards of my lame flashbacks.  Wherever he is, I hope he’s not flipping out with those episodes that had the ambulances blowing up the spot.  I hope he’s doing just fine.

Btw, he’s kinda rockin out in that video.

I’ll leave you with this Richard Hell quote from a cartoon:

David MacDowell “Hey Hey Hey Ladies!” (Beastie Boys)

This 16×20 acrylic on canvas piece entitled “Hey Hey Hey Ladies!” is hanging in my kitchen. I see it everyday on the way to the fridge. It was created by an amazing artist named David MacDowellAccording to his blog, “Dave Paints Acrylic on Canvas in the Lowbrow/ Pop Surrealism movement. His focus is on painting our Contemporary Cultural Nightmare.”  David’s work is pretty fucking fantastic.

This piece means a lot to me for a few reasons:

A) I’m a longtime fan of the Beastie Boys (who have a new album coming out if you haven’t heard)

B) The painting is named “Hey Hey Hey Ladies” and I was given the chance to officially remix the song Hey Ladies with my partner Dj Strictnine many years ago.  You can hear Hey Ladies (Dj Strictnine & Paranorm Remix) here.

C) I love art and ladies and Fat Albert and Biz, etc

Now for some of that Fat Albert funk shit: The Notorious Fat Albert – Machine Gun Funk