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Parakhan – Park Raps & VHS Tapes (2016)

Park Raps and VHS Tapes

P see first the beats then bars, Then beats them bars with incredible rap
An ethical slap, A spectacle clap, A skeletal smack to skeptical chaps
A credible fact, I’m nicer nigga, marks I don’t chase mark
I’m from the school of James Brown, rappin’ in the park (ain’t it)
Funky, they copy sloppy corny choppy goofy flows
They groupie hos with kooky clothes, modern with tight pantsted bros
I’m an old timer, cold rhymer, sampler finder and I’m on top
And when I’m moving I will not stop
Styles, back in the days, rockin the waves, rock and amaze
Rap, packin the haze, sit back in ya blaze, enjoy unphased craft
The FBI dread SBI bred lead lyric spittin
Smitten you wit rhythm riddim composition
My mission, explorin the art, ignorin’ a pundit bark
Deplorin’ your two cents, your mammy and your heart
Nevermore never no more never more will anyone factor
Cause Their Times Limited and P’s the next chapter

Parakhan – Amerikhana Midnight (2016)

Paranorm (@Parakhan), Dozanova, & @IntoNever throw a KAMALA Afterparty out in Appalachia.

Cap’n I’m out frackin’, click clackin’ and clappin’
Amerikhana flora fauna, Daniel Boone out trappin’
Drinking wild turkey shooting at a wild turkey
With a coal miner’s daughter and some smoked pheasant jerky
Allegheny Front truffle huntin’ and bluntin’
Kanawah River boat got them boat subs boat bumpin’
Skoal spit mix wit bbq pit drips
Flying J truck stop, trucker hats and grits
Driving county roads, loc’d and low key
Buford T Justice smokey on a mission to smoke we
Waffle house chillin, Bojangles chillin
Whistle dixie up at Krystal with a pistol to fill em
I’m maxin’ in a cabin, dirt floor, king snakes
Don’t need brake lights if you don’t use no brakes
My britches got stitches, Cat Diesel Power
On our Appalachia shit in the midnight hour

We freewheelin’ through Wheeling peelin’ Cumberland Gap rap
County mounty got a bounty so they mannin’ that speed trap
Canary in a coal mine, inclined off of moonshine
Masons and Dixons and mountain ridge lines
Civil War markers off the side of the roadway
Pause to play a fiddle after venison vittles
Cashville, Huntsville, Knoxville, pop pills
Asheville, Greenville, Cookeville, blood spill
The modern John Henry man I’m clappin’ that hammer
In the Shenandoah Valley on my way to Alabama
I left my wallet at a camp, The Chattahoochee Forest
Oak Ridge Boys, nine deuce, Black Taurus
Seen a Cherokee ghost scrap great a black bear
Gatlinburg gatlin gun at the 4H Fair
Maryville, Smithville, Whitesville, fights real
Fayetteville, Pikeville, lights out, Nyquil

I’m in a coonskin cap with a strapped powder horn
Up in a church with Craig Mack screaming Word Is Born
Preacher man with a snake, man we at the revival
Man we at the jamboree selling Gideon bibles
They call me Johnny Weedseed, Smokey Mountain the Zone
Froggy went a courting, cr cr cr crambone
Rock Lee Greenwood God bless the US
Rockabilly Hilly Billy Psychobilly finesse
I’m in some Stoned Mountain trousers with a bible belt
Smoking bluegrass with a switch man I’m giving out welts
Merle Haggard the swagger, Chattanooga shine shuffle
Bastard a Hazard County, Bowie knife in the duffle
We riding out from Gettysuburg, Black Oak Arkansas
Atlanta Rhythm Section, two packs a Pall Malls
Dollywood, Pigeon Forge Tennessee
I-40 with a forty, Piggly Wiggly sweet tea

Fall to fear in the sticks, the world get darker
Like auctioneers full of beer turned carnival barker
Corn shuckin’, chicken pluckin’, by the crik and the holler
Dosi Do for the dough, square dance for dollars