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Interview: Cave – Producer Jason Boschetti


Cave – Destroy The Matrix / Speak In Cosmic Tongues

In keeping with the tradition of The Ready Cee Show’s Independent Artist episodes, we’re going to bring exclusive interviews to the web in attempts to give these artists the exposure they deserve.  First up, we have producer Cave (Jason Boschetti), who just happens to live up the block from my studio in Los Angeles.  His beats are a combination of futuristic sounds, with Dilla-ish timings, and melodic instruments played by Cave himself.  I dig it.  —-Paranorm

P: Cave, what up? Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with The Ready Cee Show / Parakhan Spit Hate…let’s get into this.  Where you from?

Cave: Garland, Texas. Small city/suburb just northeast of Dallas.

P: How long did you live in the bay?

Cave: I lived in the bay for about four and a half years, four of which I spent going to school at UC Berkeley. It’s also where I’ve met most of the musicians I have collaborated with so far.

P: What made you want to get into hip hop & production?

Cave: I was about 13 or 14 when I started to get into it. My big brother exposed me to groups like Cypress Hill, the Fugees, Outkast, then I got onto napster and started finding stuff on my own. I got really into alot of New York hip-hop, like Gangstarr, Biggie, Mos Def, etc. But what really got me was DJ Krush from Japan. I found his album “Kakusei” (incidentally, it means “to wake up”) randomly at a used record store and instantly fell in love with it. It was the first time I heard music that actually took me somewhere, like I could listen to it with my eyes closed and be transported to another dimension or environment. It was a really amazing feeling, especially because the place where I grew up was so boring and monotonous, and I could just put this music on and feel like I was in Neo-Tokyo or something. That’s what set it off, when I said to myself, “I wanna do this.”

P: What’s your take on samples vs live instruments?

Cave: It definitely can be an art form in and of itself. When I first started making music I used tons of samples, I just started going through my Dad’s record collection and chopping shit up and making beats on reason. And I did that for a long time. But still I would go through waves of making tracks where I  would compose everything myself with software instruments. I would alternate I guess, make some with samples, then go sample free for a bit. But in the last few years I’ve been mostly leaving the samples behind and composing on my own. I feel more of a bond with the music I make when all of it comes from my own hands, and even though sampling can be done in a unique and creative way, it’s still a sample. And when somebody asks me, “did you make that?” whether it’s just my homie, or a music supervisor for a film who wants to know if I have the rights to all of it , I just want to be able to say yes in full confidence, yes I made that, all of it. I had situations recently where a surf company was going to use a bunch of my tracks for a big film project, and at the last minute they asked me “do these songs contain uncleared samples,” which they did, and so they pulled like 80% of the material of mine they were going to use. So instead of making a grip of money, I made a crumb. That’s just another aspect of it, I feel like maybe God’s trying to tell me something. So sampling is great and fun, but I feel better these days about playing stuff myself. Even if its a sound issue, for example if you want to get that old dusty vibe that you may think you can only get by sampling, I’ve found ways to give a song that dirty, gritty, soulful nuance even without sampling.

P: What equiptment do you use to get your signature sound?

Cave: As far as my signature sound goes, I feel like I’ve only recently discovered it. Or I guess it’s been a constant process of evolution, like anything else, but recently I think it’s really been coming together. It involves lots of boomy, bang, snap, crackle, pop drums that I program on Ableton. I like to put the drum sounds through compression, saturation, get them sounding real tight and fat, and then sometimes I put them through a beat-repeat filter to give ’em that spontaneous E.T. glitchery. Then I usually go heavy on the synth, I have an old analog Roland Juno-106 and an Alesis Micron, both of which have amazing sounds, real fat and lush and spacey, the kind of shit that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud or flying in a space ship. Lately I’ve been using alot of live instruments too, like hand drums, maracas, sticks, marimba, acoustic guitar, flute, etc., been on a real Amazonian vibe, but still blend it with the outer-space future-funk sound, like Ayahuasca star-seed music… I would say overall my sound is real bouncy, crunchy, dirty, spacey, exotic, trippy, lush, funky, lovely.

P: Who are some of your greatest influences?

Cave: Tomita, Michael Jackson, Ken Ishii, DJ Krush, the Fugees, DJ Premier, Mos Def, Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill, Living Legends, Freestyle Fellowship, Hieroglyphics, Deltron, Kool Keith, OutKast, Q-Bert, Mr. Lif, Madlib, Oh No, J-Dilla, Prefuse 73, LTJ Bukem, Alice Coltrane, King Tubby, the Marleys, Square Pusher, Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Cygnus, Joe Con, Shing02…

P: Can you lace us with a brief overview of your discography?  What’s your favorite project that you’ve been involved with?

Cave: First jumped off with Sticks and Stones in 2003. Then linked with Joe Con and Seneca in Berkeley to form Shadow Caste in 2004, released the Co-Pilot EP. Then linked with Joe Con again in 2005 on the Awake and Dreaming album. Then linked with P.E.A.C.E. of Freestyle Fellowship and Shing02 for the Twisted Tongue/Mimosa double 12″ released on Tokyo’s Mary Joy Recordings label. Soon followed in 2006 with the Awake Click – Live from the Apocalypse mixtape. Then linked with Shing02 and Seneca for “War Times,” a song featured on Billy Jam’s Hip-Hop Slam compilation release by the DJ’s of Mass Destruction entitled “War II – the turd hunt continues…” Then I linked with Shingo again for a 12″ that came out in Japan from zooooo.jp entitled G*A*M*E, I produced, scratched, and featured on the B-side with Shingo and Jerneye of Lunar Heights, and the A-side featured Ghostface Killah, Napoleon, and Shingo, and was produced by ICC Productions out of Colorado. Then in 2007 I linked with Joe Con again on the ConCave   – ZooLife project, and after that came my second solo album entitled “A.R.T. – Advanced Research and Technology,” which was kind of my rhyming and singing debut as well, when the inspiration to write really grabbed me by the nuts and wouldn’t let go. Out of all these projects, I would say my favorite ones, at least as far as the creative process goes, have been the Shadow Caste project, the ConCave project, and the tracks I’ve done with Shingo, mostly because these are the ones where we mapped out a block of time, went into the studio, put our heads together, and focussed heavily. It was fun because it had that feeling of team-work, goal-oriented drive. I guess my solo projects came together from more fragmented timelines, where I would work on them over a long period of time whenever I was free and inspired. Musically, however, my favorite project has to be the one I’m working on now, which is my next album, “Galaxy Quest” (tentative title), which should be ready sometime mid-2009. It’s just the latest and greatest sound, and should feature all the fam… built on the bones of the previous experience but still coming out new and fresh for me, I’m stoked on it. Obviously it’s space music.

P: What’s up with ConCave?

Cave: ConCave is the union of Joe Con and Cave. Lately we’ve been building alot down here in LA, playing whatever shows we can get, expanding the network, circulating the album, circulating the love. ConCave is a gateway drug…

P: Word…so are you guys planning a major tour or anything?

Cave: It’s definitely a goal for this year. We’re piecing it together, learning the game as we go. We have a manager giving us a test-run, should have some good opportunities opening up in 2009, as well as a new album coming together soon, with an expanded, updated sound, transcending genres. Joe Con’s got the blues (he’s from Kentucky), I’ve got the space-drive, put ’em together and you get… “Black Holes and White Lightning”… Look out!

P: Tell us about your obsession with aliens?  Are you positive that alien life forms exist?

Cave: It’s more of a love than an obsession, I’m in love with the idea that we are all infinite beings traveling to and fro throughout the universe, cooperatively gathering experiential data to send back to the main-frame, the God-head if you will, for the purpose of Self-edutainment and enjoyment. I’m comfortable with the realization that many of us have lived on other dimensions and planets in past lives, and will travel far and wide throughout the cosmos again very soon, sooner than we think. “Alien” is not the right word here, better to use extra terrestrial, which just means not of this planet. Alien implies separation and division, but the fact is that most of the visitors that are coming here from elsewhere are humans like us, with two legs, two arms, a head, etc… maybe different skin-tones, slight variations in the number of fingers, but not so different from you and I. It’s one of the basic archetypes in the cosmic evolution, this body type, the cross… Anyway, I’m positive that E.T. life exists. People say “where’s the proof?” I say look in the mirror, look inside yourself, feel yourself… But as far as more concrete evidence goes, I would recommend for people to do some serious research into the coverup that’s been going on, crop circles, the disclosure project, etc. Governments of other countries, such as Russia, Czech Republic, Mexico, have all officially stated  that they have encountered visitors from space, there are witnesses, military and civilian, as well as  de-classified military footage that has been released. The truth is being suppressed by the controllers of the matrix because the implications have the potential to liberate the entire world in an unimaginable way – imagine unlimited energy technology, anti-gravity, consciousness-interface technologies, not to mention the shift in mentality of people once they realize that there’s a whole universe out there that we can explore, together, with other distant families… But regardless,  there’s so many accounts that people have, I’ve even seen one myself. Let’s just say hypothetically that maybe there’s 50 million people on this planet that have seen or interacted with an E.T. craft or its inhabitants (that’s an extremely low estimate). If just one of them is telling the truth then at least there’s something serious that we need to look into.  Just the fact that there’s an obvious coverup warrants research. The fact that the creation stories of almost all ancient cultures on our planet involve heavenly beings descending from the stars, teaching how to form society, agriculture, science, math, etc., that warrants research. Check the Sumerian tablets, re-read Genesis, check the Dogon, the Maya, the Hopi, the Egyptian pantheon, etc… Something amazing is going on. Besides, if the universe is endless (as far as we can tell), with an untold number of stars and planets, why would life exist here only? That’s like being a microscopic dust mite on a tree in the amazon jungle and thinking, “I wonder if there’s other trees with life on them…” if dust mites could think like that, you know what I mean! It’s a real mind-opener, heart-opener, the E.T. thing…

P: I know that you live a healthy lifestyle…can you tell us a bit about that?

Cave: Health comes from within, so first you have to get your mind right, it’s a challenge. Nowadays if you pay attention to the situation, it takes positive attitude and faith too, faith in something, if anything, in yourself as an unlimited being capable of overcoming challenges and obstacles. Without faith we’re powerless.  There’s exercises you can do for that, obviously prayer and meditation, just being and feeling yourself for what you really are, rising above the noise of the carnal mind, it’s one of the best things you can do to re-energize your mind, body, and spirit. Then there’s physical exercise of course, nowadays we tend to sit in front of computers alot and then get in the car and drive somewhere else to sit some more, we need to get up and move around a bit, do some jumping jacks, stretching, push ups, yoga, make love, whatever just do something, I try to get my heart going, hopefully break a sweat somehow at least once a day. Use it or lose it. Then there’s diet, I’ve been experimenting with diet for so long, I’ve found recently that the ultimate diet (for me at least) is just simply raw fruit and vegetables. Fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and dinner, fruit for snacks. Some nuts here and there. People have cured themselves of “terminal” illnesses by eating this way. It’s revolutionary. It’s hard though, getting over the addictions we have to all these unhealthy foods. It’s been shown in experiments that the body reacts to cooked food by dispatching millions of white blood cells – that’s an immune system response, similar to when a pathogen enters the body. Because the enzymes are dead, the body doesn’t know what to do with the food, thinks it’s an intruder. But nothing can compare to the natural high you feel when you eat raw like this for even just a few days. You feel light, easy, and high, kind of like you’re floating above yourself. People trip out about protein. Little do they know that fruits and vegetables contain more than adequate protein. Spinach, for example, contains more usable protein percentage-wise than beef. We’ve been sold this myth that we need to consume the flesh of other creatures to sustain ourselves. It’s totally false, a large part of the war-on-Terra. So is large-scale grain cultivation, or any kind of industrial agriculture. It destroys the habitat, catalyses greed, hoarding, and starvation as a weapon, and it’s unnecessary. Another “gift” from our E.T. overseers/Earth Plantation managers. Eventually in our evolution we’ll get to the point where we don’t need to eat dense food at all, we can get our sustenance straight from the source. It’s been done before, besides, man does not live by bread alone…

P: Right on…any last words?  Shout outs?

Cave: Thanks for having me!  Would like to say Peace, Love, and Thanks to the world, family, friends, fellow Earth-Riders, Jedi-Knights, Krystal Kids, ya’ll know who you are… Let’s stay positive and blast off, get free, all that good stuff, there’s no losing for players, cause the game is so perfect with so many layers. But if you’re not in it for the Love, then get out and re-align while you got the time. Look out for me and my boys in 2009 and beyond, glowin like neon for eons, turn your chi on…

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