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LA Record Sale – 7/2 & 7/3 – 9AM – $1, $2, & $5

The homey Doz is having another record sale this weekend. If you want to pick up some heaterz, head on over to the intersection of Fountain & Myra in Silverlake starting @ 9AM (in front of Carmasters)!! Tell him you want that Paranorm Parakhan discount. –P


From his ad:


Sat and Sunday July 2nd and 3rd 9AM

Collectors, DJs, Casual Groove Merchants, B Boys, and Boom Bap Connoisseurs
1$, 3$, and 5$ crates. . ..

Tons of 90’s underground and east and west coast classics. . . Mainly 12 inch singles in good to very good condition.

I have a crate of classic albums but most are scratched so I am letting them go for 1 $ apiece.
Dollar Bin come ups

Also, I have good jazz and funk records great for sampling or rockin” old school house parties!

Not hurting for $$, just making room for more records but will be happy to cut you a nice deal !

Battle DJs , I have stuff for you too. . . 3$
Battle / scratch / sound effect records.. Dirt style, dj swamp, dj rectangle, etc..

FREE pack of “YO MTV RAPS” cards with any purchase

Corner of Fountain at Myra at the light. 1 block East of Sunset.

Jurassic 5, Gangstarr, ED O G, Big L, Bumpy Knuckles, Beastie Boys, EPMD, Souls of Mischief, Casual, Beatnuts, Kool G Rap, DJ Honda, KRS 1, Camp Lo, King T, Fat Boys, Brand Nubian, Grand Puba, Large Pro, Common, Heather B, Pete Rock, Heavy D, Tupac, Geto Boys, Kool Keith. . .
And on and on and on and on . . .. . .. . .



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Archangel Michael Jackson

Caught big Mike posted on a La Brea utility box. RIP.

From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_%28archangel%29

Roman Catholics refer to him as Saint Michael the Archangel and also simply as Saint Michael. Orthodox Christians refer to him as the Taxiarch Archangel Michael or simply Archangel Michael. The New Thought Movement refers to Michael as Christ Michael.

Fast and Furious World Premiere – Exclusive and super janky coverage


Paranorm getting bent at the Fast and Furious World Premiere

I wanted to bust out an exclusive The Ready Cee Show / Parakhan Spit Hate story about going to the Fast and Furious World Premiere, but the trip was so uneventful that I’m not sure what to say. Red carpet…blah blah…Vin Diesel…blah blah…crazy car scenes…blah blah blah…party…get drunk…blah blah…dip. That’s it. Article done.

What I would really like to talk about in this post is general premiere etiquette and what to expect when you hit the event. Most of you out there have never been to a premiere as most of you don’t live near Hollywood or NYC, so what I would like to do is tell you what to expect and how to run it when you get to go to one. I’m definitely no expert on this topic, but I’ve been ripped at like 30 premieres so if you want to know what it’s like from my perspective…read on.

First of all, you’re most likely going to have to pick up your tickets at will call. This is pretty universal whether you end up at Mann’s, Westwood, or wherever. Always remember to look like you should be up in that shit just in case something goes wrong with your tickets. I’ve been lucky enough to always have people looking out for me, but ticket problems could ruin your entire night. Be cool and things will most likely work themselves out from what I can tell.

When you hit the red carpet, stare at the photographers like they should be taking your picture. A few will snap off on you just in case you’re someone they should be getting…but most won’t do anything which makes for a good game of staring them down. Son those fools. Pap’s are like bloodsucking leeches who get paid to sell pics so when they won’t even waste one digital flick on you…it’s kinda like a diss. Ok, not really….you (and I ) just aren’t stars.

Premiere’s almost always have free popcorn, water, and soft drinks. Grab what you want and don’t be in a rush to get to your seat as they will never start the movie until all the talent has left the red carpet and are comfortably resting in their seat. With regards to seats, there are only so many in the theatre (unless they are running the film simultaneously in overload theatres), so there is a rare chance that you can end up sitting next to one of the stars or other stars attending the event. Most of the time, the organizers have strategically designed the seating chart, but you never know. I’ve sat next to Wanda Sykes (like a midget), a seat away from Cedric The Entertainer, Steven Tyler, and within a row of Will Ferrell. Depending on who it is…I suppose you could get a thrill from housing the armrest from a star or sparking up a conversation. Just remember, it can always backfire on you because the stars trump your ass and can have you ejected pretty quick.

Watch the flick. If the movie really sucks…keep it to yourself as you’re sitting in a theatre of people who worked really hard to put it together. That’s pretty much a no brainer. You’re there on the studio’s dime and no matter how bad the movie is, you’re going to get hammered shortly, so keep it together. 

The movie ends and it’s time for the party to get started. yes. Not everyone gets to go to these parties so make sure you don’t lose your passes. There is nothing worse than being forced to go your own way after the movie when you know people are about to kick it at an open bar party with food. Make your way to the party and keep it moving.

The party is generally themed after key parts of the movie…meaning there are usually props or related themes going on. For example, at Anchorman we took pics at the news desk, at Talladega Nights they had tire changing stations and nacho cheese fountains, at the Simpsons they had some setup where you could get a mold of your hand holding a pink donut, at Barbershop 2 they had Oran Juice Jones…ok, he’s not a theme, but fuck…we ran into him and it blew Joey Ocean and I away. Oran Juice Jones was my shit. Anyway, you get the idea. The entire setup is themed after the movie. The only premiere that I recall not having anything was Two For The Money…but Al Pacino was there so they probably figured that was good enough.

Be sure to head for the food, eat whatever looks good, then head straight for the open bar. Depending on the type of movie, the crowd will either stay for a few drinks and split or the night could turn into an all around rager. I remember staggering out of Be Cool, blacking out after The Family Guy, and stumbling out of Semi-Pro, but maintaining ok by the time I left Team America World Police and Mr and Mrs Smith.  It can go either way and it’s all up to you.    

That’s about it. Have good time, get blitzed, and make it home alive so you can do it all over again.

Nas, Jimmy Kimmel Live, JFK assassination camera phone theory


Thanks to this site, I didn’t have to take any pictures.  I realize this isn’t the best example, but you see where the theory is going. Not all of the JFK assassination pics were great either.

Another Wednesday night in Hollywood California.  I passed on going to the ESPYs.  I passed on going to see Tropic Thunder. I didn’t pass on going to see Nas again on Jimmy Kimmel.  I caught him the last time he came through (you remember that blues song with his dad?) and it’s only right to go check out NY’s finest again. Checklist:

  • Pre show rum and coke @ Scorpions: Check
  • Green room Corona #1: Check
  • Green room buffet (pot stickers & beef wrapped vegetables and cheese): Check
  • Seeing and chatting with some friends: Check
  • Green Lantern in the Green room: Check
  • Green room Corona #2: Check

When it was time to head out, we walked out and checked out the show from the side.  Nas ripped into “Hero”. Sounded pretty good from where I was standing, but I couldn’t really tell if he was saying all the words or mumbling sometimes.  The live band on the track made it bang more.  The bass player in the band was good.  “Sly Fox” was pretty dope.  I agree that Fox news does suck.  Then the highlight of the set was played…hearing ”It Ain’t Hard To Tell” brings on that feeling of nostalgia  that you can feel in your chest.  Illmatic is one of my favorite albums of all time.  “Made You Look” had intensity and the crowd was into it.  All around, it was a good mini show.  After that…we shook the spot for post show drinks @ Scorpions.  The trip turned into another checklist:

  • Kettle One dirty martini: Check
  • Sip the white sangria: Check
  • Sip the red sangria: Check
  • Corona #3: Check
  • Corona #4: Check
  • Sol #1: Check
  • Tecate #1: Check
  • Feeling bent = Check

Now, let’s get into my newest theory.  Events these days are like the JFK assassination and the grassy knoll…there are a gazillion pictures documenting the event.  I believe there is no longer a need to pull out your camera phone when you’re at a decent sized event as everyone and their mom is already snapping photos.

First I’m going to backtrack one step and talk about the non public part of the event.  When you roll on some VIP shit and hang in areas where there is only talent, worker bees, and agents/managers….nobody wants to see you with your camera out.  This isn’t TMZ.  It actually feels awkward to have your camera out in those situations anyway.  Hope that makes sense.  Now on to the regular portion of the event, in most cases, everyone has their camera out and are snapping away like crazy.  This means that they’re going to put the photos on flickr or the internet before you even get to your house.  A quick search the next day and boom…there you are.  Pretty simple theory….to sum it up: There may no longer be a need for you to snap your own photos at a concert ever again.

There are always exceptions to the rule.  This is my Robert Greene “Reversal” section at the end of the chapter. If you have to send a picture immediately as an alibi to prove your location…break the rule.  If you’re in a situation where you see some extremely messed up shit…break the rule.  At the Beastie Boy’s show at the Fonda last year, I was standing next to Tommy Lee and some little weird guy was kissing Tommy’s back and neck and making out with him.  It was fucking creepy and nasty, but I wish I had taken a shot so people would believe me.  A followup search reveals that TMZ caught those fools that night getting it on. It’s also ok to break the rule if you’re in a spot that nobody can get to (a good example would be that pic i snapped on the stage watching Prince at Coachella).  Another exception to the rule would be a situation in which you have the chance to take a picture with a legend…you have to go for it.  I regret not taking a picture with James Brown when I had the chance a few times.  I didn’t want to be that douchebag tugging on his arm asking for a photo after he just ripped a sick show.  Other missed opportunities that I regret:  Jimmy Page & Slash, George Benson, Ahmad Jamal & Idris Muhammad, Metallica, Bill Clinton, and Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Adjust these rules to suit your shit, sit back, and enjoy the show.