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Methed Out Blood Foot

So I walk into the Chase on 86th around 8pm last night to deposit some BMI royalty checks (yes, I still gets mines, son) and what do I hear? I hear the sound of someone chiefin’ out of a pipe extremely hard to my right.  Now, I’m not drug expert, but I know what weed, tobacco, and crack smell like…and what he was smoking was none of the above.  So, I look over to peep the scene and dude has his shoes off and one foot is dripping blood with open wounds.  Damn homey.  Anyway, I continue my transaction with an alert eye on dude because that’s just how shit is.  You’d better stay alert in the city.  I casually pulled out my phone and took a pic of him because I like to document the stupid shit I see all the time.

I finished my transaction and start to walk out and it hit me again when I looked at him… This guy is posted up in a bright ass, locked, ATM area, smoking some meth or something, bleeding, with his pipe if full view and a wallet on the ledge with a $10 bill laid out.  WTF.  So I snap another photo on my way out as this is even a first for me to see.

As I go to walk outside, there was a couple fighting directly in front of the door so I had to say, “excuse me” for them to move. They instantly stop fighting and mean mug me. Great. haha. I get past them and head towards the train, but pause to snap one more shot from the street of old buddy inside.

My question to you is this: What do you do in a situation like this?

Do you ask him if he needs help?

Do you offer some $$ or something cause he’s clearly down and out?

Do you just take a pic and move on like I did?

Do you punch him in the face for making you feel uncomfortable while dealing with your money? I mean, he appears to not have shit to lose and is steps away from separating you from your cash.