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Paranorm – 2010 Year in Review / My Life in Pictures

Well, here’s a recap of some of my life from the past 12 months. I was debating whether or not to do this, but figured I might as well do something with all these photos in my phone.  I mean, why take all these photos if you’re not going to share a few? The camera roll on my iPhone is at 2,651 photos…mostly from this year, but I’m only going to hit you with a few from each month in 2010.

For the most part, 2010 was a year of rebuilding for me.  To leave LA and move to NYC was a big step..a step that I hadn’t taken since I picked up and left Indiana for LA nearly twelve years ago. I had to leave friends and family, physically move, learn a new city, and adapt to change. There is absolutely no way I could have done this without the support of my girlfriend, Amy, and my good friends Dj Ready Cee, Craig, and John Silva. They helped me out tremendously and made it possible for me to make it through year one…and it definitely wasn’t easy. I avoided fights, avoided drama, ate well, drank well, and survived a year in the jungle. Congrats to me and thanks to them.


I started off the year by spending New Years Eve with my girlfriend and our good friends Brad & Allison.  We had a nice dinner in the Hollywood Hills and popped a few bottles. It was a nice calm before the storm of leaving everything in Los Angeles behind.

Left the cars behind.

Left the cribs behind.

I had to go around and say goodbye to my friends and family.  Here I am pictured with some of my favorite kids, the Bartholomew family.

While cleaning for the move, I found a song I never finished with Jed The Fish. Whatup Jed!  Should I finish this up?

First Class to the east.

With crazy lumbar support..

Setup shop in a penthouse near Macy’s. My advice is to never live near Herald Square as it’s loud and full of people. The spot was temporary so it was all good and ended up working out.

I learned to ride the trains with lightning speed. If you don’t know where you’re going…you’re assed out.

There is absolutely no way I could have made my way in NYC this first year without the help of my friends Dj Mixx, Dj Ready Cee, & Brother Craig. If you try to move here without having people here already…good luck.  Pictured above are my people in my home away from home…Dj Mixx & Dj Ready Cee @ the home of The Ready Cee Show, Bronx NYC.  Big shoutout to the Sexcee Goddess too.

I began to make my way through the maze of meeting new people and landing in new spots almost immediately. Here you see a Johnny Guitar Watson gold record that I saw on the wall somewhere deep in the heart of Sony building. Kangol Joe, whatup!

In New York City, we get ripped. I mean, RIPPED. It took me exactly one day to find out that this is a city of drinking, happy hours, cocktails, and old school getting drunk. This is the first of many pics that I have with me still standing and other soldiers falling to the wayside.  Ladies and gentleman, Dj Mixx, gone.

Never sleepin on the mic, but out cold on the 2 train… A GOD MC, Sav Killz, gone.

This is me with the canal street rat hair hat and the extra warm Sessions jacket. Shouts to my friend Joel Gomez @ Sessions and my good friend John Silva who laced me with a coat for the cold.

Random pic of Cee blitzed @ some bullshit ass hip hop happy hour.

The city never sleeps. View from the penthouse.

I had tons of good times this year…some I can tell you about and some I can’t tell you about.  Here is a good one. Straight out of my phone, here’s a vid of an impromptu True Wine Connoisseur segment with Sadat X from Brand Nubian & AG (DITC) from The Ready Cee Show / Streetvisionradio.com.


Pre Superbowl party @ The Gramercy Park Hotel. Private Roof Club and Garden with thousands of light bulbs on the ceiling.

Superbowl party with Silva @ The Ace Hotel (not pictured, the fully intact cooked lamb and pig..but I’m off the pig, dig?)

The perfect dirty martini. Served up by my man @ThirstyPete

Jack’s 99 Cent Store toy of the year in the $.99 store of the century. Old School Rocky shit with the “slab of meat”.

I can’t forget to put up the homey Burgess Meredith aka Mick with the big ass pocket.

Another BX night @ The Ready Cee Show.  DJ JS-1 completely MURDERED the turntables that night. He killed breaks for over 2 hours straight. In my book, he is arguably one of the best DJs in the world.

Months of Lent driven, alcohol deprivation based, entertainment for me… Brother Craig drinking O’doul’s. LOL

Koi with my baby! I’ve eaten at about 20 different sushi spots in NYC already…some are better than others. Koi is just whatever.

Another night in the Bronx with Cee & Mixx & Special Guest: C-Rayz Walz ….breaking down the best way to share your files.


First Knicks game. Knicks suck. #LAKERS

Hanging with my ace, Ill Dose reppin’ that LBC & Cashville. Watch this.

Waiting in line for the midnight Final Fantasy XIII release @ Gamestop.

Trooped out in Queens.  Parakhan @ McDowells

This is a nice example of what it’s like to be out downtown and tore up.  We made this into a commercial for The MOMO Show. During this year, I saw some of the craziest shit I’ve ever seen in my life just by being out all night and riding the trains.  I’m glad this cat didn’t fall on the tracks.

Dj Snuu trying to cut on an iPhone. hahah

This is from a weekend trip to South Bend, Indiana, for my mom’s bday.  NY is great, but I need to get out and leave for a weekend or so every few months.

RIP Nipper.

Back to NY via Chicago.

And then back to the boogie down. Surprise! Death Rode The 2 Train.

I met a ton of NY rappers this year at different spots. RIP Fat Beats. Biggup to the MCs that I met who are talented. For the countless non talented MCs, and believe me when I say that 90% were garbage, just stop.


Dj Ready Cee with a victim of violence on the train.

Buck 50 Cutter DJs @ The Ready Cee Show

NYPD eyes in the sky in Times Square.  I learned to avoid Times Square as much as possible this year.  Btw, there are undercover cops everywhere just lurking around. Not like I’m doing anything wrong, but it’s fun to spot them. It’s even funnier when people think I’m an undercover… happened to me twice this year. Fuck em.

$40 and you too can be on Def Jam.

Back to LA on April 15th tax day and ready to skate, see some bands, and eat tacos.

Coachella – Indio, California – Saw tons of friends that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

Poolside party in Palm Springs with my people and @iancr

After skating the replica Nude Bowl at the Palm Springs Skatepark, I went out ditch skating with O and Ron Cameron. This is a pic I saw of what O saw. You can see the actual pic that O saw when I saw him seeing..  here. It was like 8 million degrees that day.

Let’s all check our phones. Amy and Lisa striking classic LA industry poses. It’s all the rage. 🙂

Bonus pic of me interrupting a mohawk-ed meditation session @ Coachella. Thx for the photo @chux311

Grew a weak beard for awhile.

Watched DEVO & Josh Freese kill it @ Jimmy Kimmel Live from the couch with Jimmy Kimmel. I’m a supporter of Kimmel.

For most of you rappers out there, this is what room service @ The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills looks like. You’ll never see it.

After the LA / Coachella trip, I made my way back to NYC to get the summer started.

This is a pic Johnny Wallstreet aka Dj Mixx rolling out of his job. This particular day, I met him after work on Wall St. and we proceeded to get ripped with the crew. By the end of the night, let’s just say, someone ended up with broken ribs after a wild rampage through the streets of lower Manhattan.  Good times.

Dj Ready Cee and Shirt King Phade up in my crib showing love for GURU (RIP).

Up in the Bronx drinking Mo’ Drank 40s as we prepare for the crown jewel of Monday night entertainment, The MOMO Show.


Dj Polarity broadcasting live from Fat Beats. P is a real funny dude.

In May, I escaped from NYC once again to land in Pennsylvania Dutch country for a weekend.  I get down on some Birch Beer.

Sometimes the opposite of the city is what you need…sometimes.

Back to NY, but this time there was a special gift waiting for me.. The new skatepark @ Chelsea Piers.  This place made my summer in the city perfect.  Shouts to all the skaters that I met and skated with. Special thanks to Marc Reiter and Silva for the fun sessions.

This is a shot from an apartment we looked at, but didn’t end up moving into. Apartment hunting in the city is a frustrating and difficult task. I am very particular about where I want to be and for me to figure out where to live..I needed to visit a ton of areas.

I visited every neighborhood from Fort Greene to Tribeca to Park Slope to the LES to the UWS to Chelsea to Brooklyn Heights to Williamsburg to Harlem… that shit was a task. At the end of the day, I ended up in the right area and in the right place… a nice brownstone located in  _________.

Coolin in the cut with Dj Mixx and the legendary Percee P on another episode of The Ready Cee Show.


Watching clowns in Times Square during the playoffs.  I know, I know…why were we even in Time Square..

Ah yes, another trip to my city. Back to LA for a June visit. I love LA.

..and back to Mexican food.

Went skating in Compton.

Kicked it with Chick Hearn. This game’s in the refrigerator: the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the Jell-O’s jigglin’!

Kicked it with Magic.

Katsu-Ya with Hey Amy & Gregg Araki.

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Lucked into a nice lunch with Rodney Bingenheimer.

…and then back to stankin’ ass NYC.

with puking on the train.

and a hobbit on the train.

This is from one of my rare trips out to BK.. I had to go see my favorite band of all time, Bad Brains. Pictured: HR & Paranorm

Brother Craig and Omega Jackson out in BK after we trooped a long ass way out to find some 40s.

Almost copped this for fall.

Eventually, a suitable apartment was found. Moved in on July 1.


Darth Vader fell thru for my house warming.

So we’re out partying for Dj Ready Cee’s bday and we’re hanging out with El Gant, another GOD MC, and I took this photo of us toasting a shot. Immediately, upon reviewing the photo on my phone, we noticed that there is another person in the shot who wasn’t there with us.  There was nobody in the bar that even remotely resembled the midget-like figure in the pic. This shit creeped us and the entire bar out. It’s creeping me out now.  See him?


I took my first trip up to Yankee Stadium in August for a 5k run for a good cause…cancer research. I didn’t run, but my friend Garnet was a participant and I’m glad I went to watch.  If you want more info on the run, click here.

Public Enemy @ Central Park Summerstage for free. Can’t believe Son of Bazerk got booed. Hard time. Kool Herc was in the building. My homey Adrian Champion even fell thru.

Staged up @ Rock The Bells. Exponential thanks to Chang & Brian @ Guerilla Union

The GZA & Dj Dozanova @ Rock The Bells 2010.


Black makes an early appearance on The MOMO Show.

Another late night in the big rotten apple.

You never know what you’re going to see when walking in the BX.

Long Island City Craft Beer Festival with the crew. Drink, drink, drink.

Completed my studio setup and everything is good to go.  The past is in the past and the future is at hand.  I’m really looking forward to my new release in 2011.


My skateboard collection grew bigger and bigger in 2010.

Out cold on the train @ 11 AM

Warming up for that Colts run to the big game. Let’s GO!

Tailgating in the rain before Monday Night Football @ The New Meadowlands on Oct 11th (I think) – Jets vs Vikings

And I’m off…Above the Clouds on the 10 hour flight to Hawaii..

Wake up, get ripped. Repeat. North shore of Oahu for four days.

USS Arizona Memorial. Respect.

Great wedding under a rainbow. Congrats Chuck & Katie.

My homey Scott is flasked up and ready to roll…regardless of the time or place. I like it.

Posted with my man Turtle.


Switched up islands… From Oahu to Kauai for another week. Infinite thanks to John & Shana Silva.

Bush doctor.

Back in stankin ass NYC. Waiting in line for the midnight release of Call of Duty: Black Ops @ Gamestop

At some unknown rap shit with some unknown rappers for like the 50th time during the year. Dj Ready Cee posted up backstage.


Holiday Season is here.

Went out to PA a few times already this month. Yep yep.

Caught Prince, Shelia E, & Larry Graham @ Madison Square Garden. I’m going to finish up the year by seeing Prince again. He’s the best entertainer out there.

Survived Snowpocalypse.  And that brings us to today, Monday, Dec 27th.  I hope to see you all in the new year.