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Coachella 2008 Recap

The drive out on Thursday night was short and uneventful, but I was damn tired by the time we got there. AmeRock1 had to go to breakfast with Jack Johnson on Friday morning so instead of driving in on Friday, we went the night before. During the drive, Jim Ladd had Roger Waters on his KLOS show and the interview was good for the drive. KLOS almost reaches to Palm Springs…strong signal.


Indian Wells Resort Sucks. Luxury Accomodations my ass.

Indian Wells Resort sucks monkey dicks. Room service was closed when I got there at 10:30pm and the Lodgenet generic tv remote wouldn’t allow me to switch to the aux input (not even with my personal universal remote…geek shit). I suppose I could’ve hit the La Quinta Radioshack for a coaxial adapter, but due to lack of time I sacrificed a Call of Duty 4 double point weekend on the new map packs because the resort blows. The room smelled, the workers were dumb, café Loren was garbage, and all of the worker’s moms have diseases. Do not ever stay there.

Friday Coachella was cool. I got ripped in the back, met the awesome Huell Howser, laughed, and saw tons of people. Highlights include seeing Igoe, Dj Carbo, Zoe, and Annerino.

Indian Wells Resort Sucks

Prince killed it. Cam phone pic.

Saturday morning I skated Palm Springs skatepark with Silva and Chad from Laguna Nigel. Good sesh. Saturday Coachella was cool . I missed MGMT, posted in the back, caught Kraftwerk, heard the main stage bands (Portishead sounded lofi and in good form), met people, and saw the same people from the day before. To be honest, the entire day was spent waiting around for Prince. I’ve seen Prince before and he rocks, but the word on the street was that this was going to be his best show ever so the hype machine was in full effect. When the time neared for the show, it was either wade through 70k people or figure out an alternative way to peep the show. The alternative was selected and we took in the show standing on the stage next to Portishead, Sean Penn, and Everlast. The show was amazing. Thank you to all involved in hooking it up.

Indian Wells Resort Sucks

Palm Springs has a nice park. Nude Bowl replica, flow area, and combi.

Sunday morning I hit the skatepark again with the same crew for another good sesh. It was like 95 degrees outside, but everyone shredded and it was fun. After the sesh it was back to LA for a swim in the pool and to catch a few hours of double point weekend. That’s my Coachella Recap.

GTA 4 is out tonight @ midnight. Word the fuck up.