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The Dictator and The P

I’m not going to say which one, but I lived across the hall from one of The Dictators for like five years.  He was pretty much a dick, but an almost likable character.  I mean, he never liked me and I never liked him…and I knew he was weird as fuck, but we got along like neighbors should and we would nod and say hello here and there.  He even helped me pick up my plasma tv and move it onto a table once when I  had a broken arm.

Anyway, I just saw something and it reminded me of him…so now the internet can reap the rewards of my lame flashbacks.  Wherever he is, I hope he’s not flipping out with those episodes that had the ambulances blowing up the spot.  I hope he’s doing just fine.

Btw, he’s kinda rockin out in that video.

I’ll leave you with this Richard Hell quote from a cartoon: